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Sisters Creek Bridge Replacement

Archer Western Contractors is replacing the Sisters Creek Bridge on Heckscher Drive, Jacksonville, Florida for the Florida Department of Transportation. A new high level fixed span bridge is replacing the existing drawbridge.
Archer Western used American 9299 and American 9310 crawler cranes on barges provided by MOBRO Marine to drive the numerous pilings required for the new bridge.
MOBRO Marine is also supplying Archer Western with our American 9299 Ringhorse Crane, an American 11320, 450-Ton crane on a barge, and multiple material barges for the final phase of the replacement which involves the placing of the beams which support the deck of the new span.

MOBRO Marine leased its 260’ x 72’ x 16’ flat deck barge, “Big Max”, to Kokosing Industrial Durocher Marine Division, and assisted in outfitting it with 6 dynamic positioning thrusters, access ladders and guards, walkways, power cable static tank, DP control room, and office/storage containers.
Using our tug “Rio Bravo”, we then towed the barge to Rhode Island, where Durocher Marine will install a 22-mile transmission cable from Rhode Island to Block Island, a 6-mile export cable from Block Island to offshore Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) #1, and 4 inter-array cables between the 5 wind turbine generators.
Copy and Paste this link to view the "Big Max" in action:

New Sales Representative

MOBRO would like to welcome Terry Jefferson to our sales team!
Terry brings over 16 years of crane experience to his new position with us.
He will be based out of our Jacksonville branch.
Give him a call at 904-219-2565 with any of your rental, sales or service needs.

New Tampa Branch Manager

Mobro Marine is pleased to announce Nick Koren has joined us as our new Tampa Branch Manager. Nick can help you with all of your equipment rental and service needs. Give him a call at 813-765-4154.

New Cranes to arrive in 2016!

Beginning in January of 2016, MOBRO Marine will be adding several new Kobelco G series cranes to our fleet for rental or purchase:
CK1100G, 110-US Ton Crawler Crane with 150' boom: Available end of January, 2016.
CK1600G, 160-US Ton Crawler Crane with 200' boom: Available second quarter, 2016.
CK2750G, 275-US Ton Crawler Crane with 200' boom: Available end of February, 2016.

2015 Kobelco Additions

MOBRO Marine has made the following additions of brand new 2015 Kobelco Cranes to its fleet:

Kobelco CK1100G with 2 drums and 150’ of boom
Kobelco CK1100G with 3 drums and 150’ of boom
Kobelco CK1600G with 2 drums, freefall and 200’ of boom

These machines are available now for lease or purchase. Please call Neil Corrado or Richard Moran at 904-284-9670 for a quote today!

Recently Restored

Purchased in Aruba, this Kobelco CK2500-I Crawler Crane had seen better days.
That is, until MOBRO got it to their Green Cove Springs, FL yard.
We set our team of mechanics, welders and painters to the job of transforming the older machine back to its former glory.
This crane is now ready and available for rental or purchase.
Contact us at 866-313-9670 for additional information.

"Liberty Island" at BAE Systems

MOBRO Marine used its 450-ton American 11320 Crawler Crane at BAE Systems Southeast Shipyard to walk the new bow of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock's "Liberty Island" Dredge from where it was fabricated to the bulkhead.
We then picked it up with our 350-ton American 9299 Ringhorse Crane on the barge "O.R. Rowe" and moved it over to the floating drydock and held it in place while it was fitted and welded onto the "Liberty Island".
The barge movement was performed by our tugboats "American" and "W.P. Scott".

Tandem tow to St. Kitts

American Bridge Company contracted with Mobro to load two of our ABS barges at our Green Cove Springs yard. The barges have our American 7260 Crawler Crane and American 9270 Crawler Crane, as well as the steel piling, sheetwall and other equipment to be used on the job.
We then towed the barges to St. Kitts with our tug "Rio Bravo", where American Bridge is building a private super-yacht marina for the Christophe Harbour development.
We will also be towing the remaining pilings and concrete docks on this project for American Bridge.

MOBRO bound for Kingston, Jamaica

MOBRO Marine Inc's ocean-going tug "Ybor City" towed our 180' x 54' ABS Barge loaded with our 450-Ton, American 11320 crane, along with the customer's equipment, for Titan Maritime.
Loading was performed at our Green Cove Springs, FL yard.
The equipment and tug will be used to remove damaged sections of a fuel pier in Kingston Harbor.

New Tampa Branch Manager

Mobro Marine is pleased to announce Randy Miller has joined us as our new Tampa Branch Manager. Randy can help you with all your equipment rental and service needs. Call him at 813-334-9454.

New Kobelco CK2750G, 275-Ton Crawler Crane

Introducing the newest member of our crane fleet - the Kobelco CK2750G, 275-Ton Crawler Crane.
The CK2750G is designed from the ground up for reliable operation, convenient maintenance and easy transport. The CK2750G features a new engine that complies with the latest EPA Interim Tier IV standards. The cranes have also been designed with new energy saving assist systems known as the "G-modes", which can achieve up to a 30% savings in fuel consumption. The "G-modes" include the auto idle stop system, energy saving winch control system, and the engine RPM limitation system. Other re-design features of the new G series includes: compact structure allowing for greatly improved transportability, larger cab design, LMI touch screen, counterweight detection device, improved counterweight self installation mechanism, and newly improved (short) control levers.
Available now for rent or purchase!

Jacksonville Parts Department

We would like to welcome our new parts department!
Located in Jacksonville, FL, Billy Harper, Tony Cruz, Patti Smith and Tolar Williams are working hard to deliver your parts orders on a timely basis.
Please click on the Parts & Sales tab above for more information, or call them directly at 904-733-1822.

Transporting NASA shuttle fuel tank

MOBRO Marine donated their time and equipment to transport the last remaining shuttle fuel tank to Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum. The tank, along with other pieces of NASA's history, was loaded onto MOBRO's barge at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. We then towed the equipment to Green Cove Springs, where it will be offloaded and transported to Keystone Heights, FL.

Police helicopter tow

MOBRO Marine installed 2 protective sheds on our 260’ x 72’ barge, “Big Max”, to transport 6 police helicopters to Santa Marta, Colombia. The sheds were installed by our crew at our yard in Green Cove Springs, FL. The helicopters were loaded onto the barge in Savannah, GA and then towed by our tug “El Puma Grande” to Colombia, where our crew then assisted with unloading.

Airplane lift

MOBRO Marine provided 2 tugboats, 2 barges and our American 11320, 450-Ton crawler crane, along with our personnel, to lift and transport 2 military airplanes from St. Augustine, FL to JaxPort, Jacksonville, FL.

Princess Margaret Hospital Expansion, Nassau, Bahamas

MOBRO Marine provided a Kobelco CK1100G, 110-Ton Crawler Crane with 150 feet of boom and 60 feet of jib to Cavalier Construction in Nassau, Bahamas. We delivered it by barge to be used to help expand the Princess Margaret Hospital in downtown Nassau. The crane was used to lift steel beams and precast walls for the hospital in very tight quarters.

Mobro salvages F/V Atlantic Breeze off Nassau Sound

Mobro utililized two of its heavy lift cranes to remove the 90' shrimp boat off the ocean floor. The shrimp boat was upside down with its bow under about 40' of the sea floor. The American 9299 Ring Horse and the American 11320 were put to the test with the load weighing around 600,000 lbs.

MOBRO Marine lifts and installs spuds on Dredge New York for Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company

MOBRO Marine Inc used one of its American 11320 (450t) crawlers and one American 11250 (300t) crawler to lift 2 spuds from Great Lakes dump scow and install on the Dredge New York. Each spud measured 105' long and weighed 110 tons.

Updated Port of Miami Tunnel Project

MOBRO Marine provides 10 barges and 5 American Cranes to Nicholson Construction for tunnel project in Miami. The crane barges are being used for ground stabilization in front of the tunnel boring machine. Once completed, port traffic will be diverted though the tunnel (under the Miami River) and to I-95, helping alleviate downtown Miami traffic.

Skidaway Island Bridge

MOBRO Marine provides United Contractors with American Ringhorse, spud barges and jobsite tug for replacement of Skidaway Island Bridge in Georgia. The heaviest haunch girders weighted 130 tons and were set at 80' radius.

Tampa Branch Open House Party

On Thursday, Dec. 15th, Mobro Marine had an open house for our recently opened Tampa branch at 5402 West Tyson Avenue, headed by Kevin Willis. We showcased the new Kobelco Model CK1100G, 110-ton crawler crane with Greg Ballweg, National Sales Manager, and Robert Blackburn, Service Manager, on-hand from Kobelco to demonstrate the new features of the crane and answer questions. The G series Kobelco cranes meet all of the new Tier 4 engine requirements and have been upgraded by the factory based on previous customer comments.

A good time was had by all. Special thanks go to our customers from American Bridge, Archer Western, Orion Marine, PCL Civil, Lane Construction, Kelley Equipment, All Crane, and Crane Rental of Orlando, who took time out of their busy schedules to come meet with us.

Please call on Kevin Willis in Tampa at 813-520-8403 or Neil Corrado in Green Cove Springs at 904-571-9270 if you have any questions about the new CK1100G or any of the Kobelco cranes. They can also assist you with leasing or purchasing any of our American cranes, barges, tugboats or with any inland or ocean towing needs you might have.

American 11320 moves concrete silos in Nassau, Bahamas

MOBRO used one of its 2 American 11320, 450-ton crawler cranes to relocate 2 concrete silos for Bahamas Concrete Holdings, LTD. This involved lifting the silos from their original location, walking them to the waterfront, loading onto MOBRO's barge "MOBRO 2009" and transporting to their new jobsite where we set them in place.
These silos will be used to provide concrete for new road construction and for the renovation of Cable Beach.

MOBRO Marine moves the "Pegasus" for the last time

MOBRO Marine moved the barge "Pegasus" for the United Space Alliance down the Banana River for the last time on November 10, 2011. The "Pegasus" transported the solid rocket boosters for the space shuttle program between Cape Canaveral and the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. MOBRO has been proud to serve alongside the employees of the Space Alliance and NASA over the past 6 years.

MOBRO Marine supplies Nicholson Construction at Port of Miami

MOBRO is supplying four barges with American Model 9299 and American Model 9310 cranes on them and three material barges to Nicholson Construction. Nicholson is using this equipment as drill rigs as they work on the Port of Miami Tunnel Project.

MOBRO Marine assists Superior Construction

MOBRO assisted Superior Construction at their County Road 209 / Black Creek bridge jobsite. Superior rented 15 Flexifloats from MOBRO to provide a platform for their Kobelco CK2500 Crawler Crane. In the photos, the crane is being walked off using our 46' long steel ramps. We can assist you in projects like these with cranes, barges, tugs and special loading ramps. Please contact one of our sales representatives.

New Addition! American 11250 Crawler

MOBRO has recently added an American 11250, 300-Ton Crawler Crane to its fleet. This crane is ready for heavy lifts and long term rentals.

MOBRO Marine assists Industrial & Crane Services in removing container cranes in New Orleans, LA.

MOBRO Marine used one of its new Kobelco CK2500-II crawler cranes on an ABS barge to lift and remove three of the container cranes located at the France Road Terminal in New Orleans.

MOBRO Marine lifts and removes struts on cruise ship pier in Puerto Rico.

MOBRO Marine used one of its American 11320 (450t) crawlers on an ABS spud barge to lift and remove 190' long struts weighing 91 tons each. MOBRO Marine's crane and barge was transported from Jacksonville, FL to Puerto Rico by the newest edition to their US Flag Tug fleet, the "Rio Bravo"

Mobro Marine cranes, ABS barges and US Flag tugs were utilized in the salvage of a collapsed container crane at Freeport Container Port in Grand Bahama.

On March 10, 2010, the shipping port in Grand Bahama was hit by a tornado, resulting in the collapse of one of its large container cranes used in the loading and offloading of ships. Mobro Marine was then contracted by Cargotec to mobilize one barge mounted American 11320 (450t) crawler and one barge mounted American 9310 Ringhorse from Jacksonville, FL to Grand Bahama. After two months of heavy lifting, Mobro Marine successfully completed the job and returned back to their private port facility in North Florida.

Mobro Marine tugs provide 5 years of marine transport for NASA Space Shuttle fuel cell.

Mobro Marine tugs and captains have provided assist services for the NASA Space Program for the past 5 years. Prior to every launch, Mobro tugs transport the fuel cell from the port in Cape Caneveral to the VAB (Vertical Assembly Building).

Mobro tows barge with Walt Disney waterslide on top to Castaway Cay, Bahamas

Mobro leased barge "Mobro 1214" to American Bridge Company for the construction of a floating waterslide for Disney Island. The waterslide barge was built on top of Mobro's barge, then towed by Mobro's tug "Ybor City" to Disney Island in the Bahamas. After arrival, Mobro Marine submerged the "Mobro 1214" barge, floated off the Walt Disney waterslide barge then pulled it into place.

Mobro lifts, sets on barge and tows bascular bridge girders from Florida to Massachusetts

Mobro Marine Inc lifted and set two bascular bridge girders, weighing 150 tons each, onto barge "Mobro 2501" in Palatka, Florida. Mobro's tug "Ybor City" then towed barge to Fall River, Massachusetts for the Brightman Street Bridge Replacement.

Mobro Marine completes construction of 150'x48' ABS spud barge

Mobro Marine completed fabrication of 150'x48' ABS spud barge "Mobro 1221". Mobro also completely refurbished 125 ton American 9720 and mounted the pedestal crane to the new barge. This is the second new pedestal crane and barge Mobro Marine has constructed for its rental fleet.

Mobro provides crane rental, barge rental, loading at private port and offshore towing to Honduras for American Bridge Company

Mobro Marine leases several ABS barges and cranes to American Bridge Company for cruise terminal construction in Honduras. Mobro also loaded 26 sections of 115' pipe at our private port facility. Mobro's Tug "El Puma Grande" then towed equipment and material to Central America.

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What's New

Sisters Creek Bridge Replacement

Archer Western Contractors is replacing the Sisters Creek Bridge on Heckscher Drive, Jacksonville, Florida for the Florida Department of Transportation. A new high level fixed span bridge is replacing the existing drawbridge.
Archer Western used American 9299 and American 9310 crawler cranes on barges provided by MOBRO Marine to drive the numer

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