MOBRO Marine is a full service marine equipment company that has been meeting the needs of the construction and marine industries since 1962. Our primary facility is located on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida and is equipped to handle any and all marine related concerns. We also have a facility in Tampa, allowing us to service your needs in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. We offer inland and ocean towing as well as equipment rentals, sales and service of Barges, Tugs, Cranes, Pile Hammers and Jet Pumps. We also offer overhaul and maintenance services on marine engines and large diesel equipment. Providing a high level of service to achieve customer satisfaction is the hallmark of the company and has allowed MOBRO Marine to grow and prosper over the last 5 decades.

An American brand crane on a barge


Working as a team with Moran Environmental Recovery and Global Diving, MOBRO Marine, Inc. was hired to remove the Boeing 737-800 that skidded off the runway at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station and into the St. Johns River.  John Rowland, our President, along with our Special Project Coordinators Marc Wooten and Mike Willard, helped design our tandem pick at NAS.

We utilized our American 11320, 450-ton crawler crane on our 180’x54’x12’ ABS barge and our Kobelco CK1600G2 on our 160’x48’x8’ inland barge.  The plane was picked up and placed on one of our 150’x50’x8’ ABS barges.  We utilized three tugboats from our inland boat fleet, the American, W.P. Scott and Miss Alexandra, to move the barges into position for the lift at NAS and then to push the three barges to Green Cove Springs.

The two cranes were walked off the barges and used to again tandem pick the plane and walk it approximately 250 feet and place it on cribbing for inspection by the NTSB, the plane’s owner and their insurers.

The plane was a source of much intrigue for Jacksonville boaters and people watching local television coverage and live streams on the internet all over the country over the course of three days.  John Rowland and Emil Weston manned the cranes during the lifts, while all of our rigging and tugboat crews did outstanding work making sure that the job was performed safely and quickly, with no additional environmental impact.   With the whole country watching, we efficiently got the NAS runways back open for business quickly and moved the plane to a safe place for evaluation.

This is another great example of the heavy lift and salvage work that MOBRO Marine, Inc. can perform utilizing our large fleet of equipment.






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