About Us

Mobro Marine is a Full Service Marine Equipment Business Providing Rentals, Sales & Service since 1962

Our locations, which have dry-dock, marine construction and fabrication facilities, are accessible to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the major bridge and marine projects throughout the Southeast are built with barges and cranes from Mobro’s rental fleet.

Mobro has over 100 barges including load line barges, equipment and material-hauling barges and truckable, sectional barges. In addition, Mobro has a large rental fleet of cranes and other equipment necessary for marine construction. Cranes with lifting capacities up to 450 tons are available either mounted on a barge or for use on land.

Our fleet of tugboats includes vessels up to 3,000 HP. These tugs have experienced captains and are capable of inland and oceangoing towing. We routinely travel the Eastern Coast, Caribbean and Central and South America.

Mobro’s facilities allow us to dry-dock vessels 200′ x 54′ and up to 1,000 tons. We offer repairs to all cranes and marine related equipment with a focus on the refurbishing of American cranes.