Shipfitter / Welder

Seeking experienced combination shipyard steel fitter and welder

-Individual required to have knowledge of shipyard/vessel terminology

-Individual required to know how to use acetylene torch for cutting and “washing” processes

-Individual required to have knowledge of manual stick and FCAW welding processes

-Welding certification in the flat/vertical/overhead and horizontal positions needed

-Blueprint reading / understanding a plus

-Job requires ability to climb/descend ladders into barge compartments

-Job will entail working in confined spaces under severe conditions

Licensed Tugboat Captain

-Master of Towing endorsement, minimum 200 ton Masters License required

-Individual must have inland and offshore experience

Tugboat Engineer

-Individual must have extensive knowledge of marine propulsion units (EMD, CAT, DETROIT, CUMMINS), marine electronics, towing winches, hydraulics, generators, etc.

Marine Electrician

Applicants with three (3+) years of maritime electrical experience preferred

Skills & Qualifications:

-Troubleshoots equipment malfunctions, determine the operating errors’ root causes and fixes the errors.

-Repairs controllers, internal components, or systems using job-specific tools.

-Observes gauges, dials, or other indicators to ensure machines are functioning correctly.

-Determines how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect -outcomes.

-Understands electrical machines and tools, including their use, repair, and maintenance.

-Understands various power applications and how to connect equipment safely.

-Understands the various voltages & amperages explicitly used in marine settings.

-Understands and works with both Alternating Current and Direct Current systems.

-Works at all height levels (high and low).

-Works in confined and enclosed spaces.

-Works in inclement weather conditions.

-Works non-standard work hours, as required.

-Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

MOBRO Marine Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer