Special Lifts / Projects

MOBRO Marine’s extensive fleet of equipment and highly experienced personnel have allowed MOBRO to take on tasks not feasible for other companies. Pictured below are some of our projects and services. Contact MOBRO to learn how we can help your company take its services to the next level both in the United States and overseas.

MOBRO Provides Ringer Crane, Barges And Tugboat Services For Demolition Of Coal Unloader and Conveyor System At Jacksonville Electric Authority Facility in Jacksonville, Florida

Two Ships Scuttled Offshore Northeast Florida

MOBRO Marine provides tugboat services and marine expertise to assist TISIRI Corp. in the scuttling of two ships over 100 feet long to provide a new fishing and scuba diving location offshore northeast Florida.

MOBRO Marine Undecks Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Excavator New York.

MOBRO Marine undecking and redecking GLDD Excavator New York to facilitate slewing bearing replacement.

Silos in Nassau, Bahamas

MOBRO Marine repositions two concrete silos in Nassau, Bahamas

Tug Cheetah Lift

MOBRO lifts 160 ton Tug Cheetah and sets on barge for modifications and new engine installation.

Walking Spud Carriage Lift

MOBRO lifts 185 ton walking spud carriage into barge for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company.

Spud lift and set

MOBRO lifts 85 ton spud and installs into walking spud carriage on dredge for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company.

Float on/ Float off of jack up rig

MOBRO provides load out of 3 leg jack up rig for ocean-going transportation.

120 ton bridge beam lifts

Superior Construction Company uses MOBRO’s American 9310 Ring Horse to lift and set 120 ton Bulb-T concrete girders at Beach Blvd Bridge in Jacksonville, FL. MOBRO’s tug and barge also transported beams from Savannah, GA to the jobsite.

Transportation and crane rental to Chiriqui Grande, Panama

MOBRO provides cranes, barges, workboats and ocean-towing to Chiriqui Grande, Panama for US contractor Hayward Baker.

Off load of Navy Lighterage Power Unit

MOBRO barge and crane off load 130 ton Navy Lighterage Power Unit at Atlantic Marine facility in Jacksonville, FL.

House Move

MOBRO provides barges and tugs for house move in FL.

Private mansion art project

MOBRO lifts and sets Blade Runners for prestige artist at private mansion in Miami Beach, FL. The Blade Runners are 35 tons each and were set 100 feet from the center of rotation.

Salvage lifts of yachts

MOBRO makes salvage lifts of multiple yachts in the Bahamas.

Trident Submarine Camels

MOBRO tug, crane and barge lift and set on barge multiple 150 ton Trident Submarine Camels at Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay, GA.

JF Kennedy lift

MOBRO lifts and loads RT crane and Navy Crash crane onto JF Kennedy aircraft carrier.

Fireworks show

MOBRO provides barges and towing for City of Jacksonville Fireworks show.

Gear Box Replacement

MOBRO lifts out and replaces mulitple gear boxes for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company.